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Feedback Focus: Provide constructive feedback on mixing techniques, track selection, and overall flow, fostering a positive and learning-oriented environment.


Genre Inclusivity: Embrace a variety of DJing styles and genres. Encourage members to appreciate and critique mixes from different musical backgrounds.


Mix Length Guidelines: Specify preferred mix lengths to ensure members can dedicate sufficient time to listening and providing thoughtful feedback.


Tracklisting Disclosure: Encourage DJs to share tracklists with their mixes. This allows for more specific feedback and helps others discover new music.


Technical Feedback Welcome: Invite members to offer technical feedback on sound quality, transitions, and any potential issues they notice.


Originality Encouraged: Promote creativity and originality in mixes. Encourage DJs to experiment with unique blends and techniques.


Respect Copyright Laws: Remind members to respect copyright laws when sharing mixes. Encourage the use of platforms that comply with licensing agreements.


No Spamming or Overpromotion: Discourage excessive self-promotion. DJs should focus on sharing quality mixes and engaging with others rather than overwhelming the community with their content.


Active Participation: Encourage DJs to actively participate by both sharing their mixes and providing feedback to others. A supportive community relies on engagement.


Clear Submission Guidelines: Provide clear instructions on how DJs should submit their mixes, including preferred formats and any additional information required.


No Discrimination: Maintain an inclusive environment. Discourage discriminatory comments and foster a community where all members feel respected.


Moderation Guidelines: Clearly outline the consequences for violating the rules. Ensure that moderators enforce the guidelines consistently and fairly.

Promote a space where DJs can learn, grow, and connect with others who share a passion for mixing music. Respect privacy, promote active participation, and eliminate discrimination. Our guidelines ensure fair play, foster collaboration, and prioritize continuous improvement for an evolving creative journey.

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