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Event Details: Clearly share key details about the event, including date, time, location, and any special features. Make it easy for members to understand what the event entails.


Inclusive Invitations: Welcome a variety of events, from small gatherings to large-scale functions. Encourage diversity in event types to cater to different interests within the community.

Community Relevance: Ensure that events shared align with the community's interests and purpose. This helps maintain the relevance of shared content.


Engagement Encouraged: Invite members to engage with event posts by asking questions, expressing interest, or providing feedback. This fosters a sense of community involvement.


Clear Participation Instructions: If applicable, provide clear instructions on how members can participate in or attend the event. Include links, RSVP details, or any necessary information.


Feedback Loop: Encourage event organizers to seek feedback from the community before and after the event. This helps improve future events and strengthens community connections.


Respectful Promotion: Allow members to promote their events, but discourage excessive or intrusive self-promotion. Emphasize the value of sharing events that benefit the community.


Inclusivity and Accessibility: Consider the inclusivity and accessibility of events. Encourage organizers to make events accessible to a broad audience, both physically and virtually.


No Discrimination: Maintain an inclusive environment. Discourage discriminatory comments and ensure that all events welcome participants regardless of background.


Moderation Guidelines: Clearly outline the consequences for violating the rules. Ensure that moderators enforce the guidelines consistently and fairly.


Collaborative Opportunities: Promote collaboration among community members for organizing or participating in events. Encourage networking and mutual support.


Continuous Improvement: Seek feedback on the community guidelines and event-sharing process periodically to ensure they meet the evolving needs of the members.

Create a space where community members can share and discover events that align with their interests while fostering a sense of connection and participation. Encourage respectful promotion, inclusivity, and accessibility. We foster collaboration, continuous improvement, and a sense of connection. Join us in creating a space where every event reflects the diverse interests of our community!

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