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January was greeted with mixed emotions; we had just finished up a busy month in The Wiley Fox hosting live streams alongside Fend Media and spirits were high of the back of that, but we also faced the prospect of another lockdown!

With that in mind we vowed not to repeat the mistakes of the past and we decided to get stuck in a make the most of it and not sit idle waiting for the return of night clubs and festivals like we did during the first lockdown!

January saw the return of illicit Picks and this one practically chose itself, Cash x Mack’s live stream with Temptation

Media just could not be overlooked, with a banging set and next level production value this is well worth checking out!

The first Friday of the year was greeted by Oscide and his recent mix from our live stream event in December, as we began to upload a selection of mixes from the live stream series to our platforms! Oscide was joined by Cash x Mack, Mistrix and Digital Wax as the month progressed, easing the January blues!

As we made our way into the second week of January, the Our House crew took centre stage! They kicked off the week with a huge update to their Spotify playlist, adding some more amazing tracks to an ever-growing collection!

The Spotify playlist was quickly followed by the first ‘Our House’ mix of the year, taken from his recent appearance at our live stream in late 2020, this mix is a delight from start to finish, as Adam Judge returned to the hot seat!

Moving into the third week of January we seen the return of the ‘Definition’ mix series, with Cash x Mack finally stepping up to the plate! Bringing the high energy that we have become accustomed to; this is mix perfect to kick those January blues!

We entered the final week of January with the return of ‘Choice Words’! Choice words is back! Collie

dived headfirst into Route8's debut album!


'This album speaks for itself and the story behind it makes it all the better!'


Finally, wrapping up January 2021 we over saw a brand-new update to our Spotify playlist, with some major additions from our residents!


We also decided to scrap the monthly editions of ‘illicit Select’ and compile it into one big playlist so all you have to do is follow get all the monthly selections from our residents!

A massive thank you to anyone who has interacted with our content over the last month, it has been a big priority of ours to stay consistent and set at standard for ourselves, so every like, comment and share is really appreciated!

We have some new projects being finalised in the background as well as a much-needed refresh to an older project almost complete, with more information on that being released on the 5th of February!

Thanks again and stay safe!


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