Each and every month our artists and residents play in some of the best venues, festivals and countries around the world, as well as providing top class releases, mixes and playlists for you to enjoy throughout the course of the month! As if that wasn't already enough to keep up with we also host curate our very own events. With all that said and done, it can be hard to keep up with us sometimes so we've decided to document some of the best bits at the end of the month in one easy to find place!

January was a busy month for everyone linked to illicit, so here’s a brief rundown on what you may have missed!


With 2020 getting into full swing, COLLIE wasted no time in setting a clear indicator on how he wants this year to progress! Just days into the New Year COLLIE announced his first event, with an all-night showcase in the intimate setting of IZAYAKA BASEMENT. A unique venue, mixed with perfect music selection and the crowd to match, this was always going to be a special night!

Swiftly on from that, news broke of a support set for an event hosted by the ever-present HIDDEN AGENDA, as they welcomed DENSE & PIKA back to Dublin. A quick start to the year, with more appearances to be announced over the coming weeks, we’re expecting a busy year for this young man!


The New Year brought the return of ‘Our House’, as JADE supplied January’s edition of the mix series! Along with that, the pair behind the ‘Our House’ project had their first event of the year back at Berlin D2 after a successful launch night in late 2019! James Cotter joined Adam and Jade for the evening as they enjoyed another night to remember!

A full house and a top-quality music selection has brought even more energy and determination to this projects, with more events and initiatives planned to further improve ‘Our House’ over the coming months in their effort to make it a staple event in the Dublin scene.


Karl Jordan took the reigns of the ‘Definition’ for January’s edition of the mix series! With a string of releases on the horizon we are envisaging a significant year ahead for this man after a breakthrough year last year!


The Scottish maestro choose January to begin another considerable residency in one of the biggest clubs out there, all the while adding yet another landmark to an already sizable list in the process!


After yet another amazing and successful summer on the White Isles, playing alongside some of the best the scene has to offer, Griff is back in business! Griff has landed yet another amazing place to showcase his talents to the masses as he takes up solace in the Ministry of Sound London!