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Stepping away from the usual music talk of the dance music scene, we turn our focus today to a different style of music entirely.


Irish Hip Hop can be a genre taken with a pinch of salt, and is not necessarily a style of music you are going to find in every ones Spotify playlist, as it can be an acquired taste. Going back over the last decade or more, there has been some key players in the Irish hip hop scene, keeping it alive and healthy such as G.I, Costello, Lethal Dialect, Jambo & many others.

Now, there is a new kid on the block and he has kicked off 2020 in a big way with his debut mix tape ‘ill natured’ along with his debut music video ‘Beat Bandit’ and it is nothing short of amazing.

Pager The Sloth has been on the lips of every Irish hip hop fan over the last couple of weeks ever since the mix tape dropped, gaining lots of support on both the music video & the full mix tape.


Having gone to see Pager The Sloth at two gigs, one supporting UK based artist DatKid at a High Focus showcase in Thomas House prior to the mixtape release, and again at The Underground at Dame Street a few weeks after the release, there was no doubt in my mind how influential the mix tape has been to the Irish Hip Hop scene, as he took to the stage and the floor flooded with cheering fans who relayed each song back, word for word.


Judge for yourself and check out both the music video to ‘Beat Bandit’ & the full mixtape below!

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