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Hey Dom, thanks for taking the time to have a quick chat with me today. We are very excited to premiere your debut album this Saturday. It was a great day out for the recording! Let's get straight into it.

With the premier of your debut album fast approaching, it’s only right that we ask you about the album first. Where did the inspiration come from to start your album, and how long has it been in production for?

Well it is made up of tracks that have been started from the beginning of the pandemic last year. At that time I didn't have any plans for what tracks i already had, when they were finished id would show a couple of people and then would just move on to the next one just leaving them aside. I was talking to my friend Oisin (Fawnic) a few months into lockdown and mentioned I should do one as I've had enough tracks already finished or that are already in progress to put out an album, so I’d say the album has been in motion for over a year.

Do you have any favorite or stand out tracks on the album?

The album title track "Divided Mirrors" would be my favorite alongside "Tilt"

You plan to release it on one of your own labels ‘Hosta Records’ who we are big fans of. Will we be seeing the album released on wax or digital only?

It will be a digital only this time round, I'm planning to put my 2nd album out on




When is the official release date of the album?

It will be on the 12th of August

What platforms will it be released on? Where can we pick up a copy?

It will be sold exclusively over on the Hosta Bandcamp page.

Perfect! I was lucky enough to have an insight to some of your projects from the album, and I’ve seen certain ones have up to 130 channels on 1 project! Is this a regular thing in your productions?

Yeah haha over the last year and a half all of my projects seem to average around that many channels.

Do you find this distracting when working on a project? What advice would you give to producers starting out, especially for workflow?

Not really no. I'm used to working like this so I don't really notice. I would say don't rush putting music out. Just play around with whatever DAW you are using and then focus on a certain aspect of the production process at a time.

Great advice thanks Dom. Moving on, who would you class as your biggest inspirations when it comes to DJing & Production?


Well for as long as i can remember Raresh is my favorite DJ and for producer it would most definitely be Anton Zap! His tracks are something else.




Any Irish producers or DJs that stand out to you at the moment?

The 3 main standouts for me would be Fawnic, Two Dotts and Phil Galvin Jr. I've admired these lads' tracks and sets for the last 10 years.

3 solid choices there Dom! What’s your take on the COVID situation & the music scene, can you see us getting back into clubs this year? If so, what’s your goals once the clubs open back up?

To be honest I haven't really been paying attention to it. It's just setback after setback. I would say in the new year we may be back in clubs. Myself and a few other have somethings planned that's about all i can say!

We are looking forward to getting back to it whenever that may be, looking at the likes of the UK opening their clubs & festivals gives us a small bit of hope at least! So before we finish up, are there anymore other releases or news you'd like to share with us?

I have a handful of releases to come that I can't really share just yet. You can stay informed through my social media pages

Cheers, will do Dom, Thanks for chatting with us today!





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