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When the pandemic hit and events came to a stand still we were hoping for a quick return but unfortunately that didn't come to fruition and we were forced to move into the digital realm!

In an attempt to bring the club environment and atmosphere to your sitting room we teamed up with great venues in the heart of Dublin to try and achieve that goal!




Live streaming was always something we dabbled in, with illicit Sundays live being one event which had the live streaming feature. With live streaming quickly becoming the only platform to keep any sort of creative outlet flowing, we returned to the birth place of illicit Sundays live and teamed up with The Sound House to deliver some amazing online events!

When we kicked off our online events early last year we were continuously shut down by Facebook, which meant restarting the stream an ultimately losing viewership which was a major concern for us! Off the back of that experience for the past few months we knew we had to do something to create a platform were that was no longer a problem!


We have been busy behind the scenes to put an end to these issue by building our own live streaming platform, that is built into our website were you can watch all our live streams uninterrupted, with even better image and audio quality than the usual social media outlets that we have streamed to in the past! Although we will continue to stream from those social media platforms, we encourage you to tune in to our live streams via our website!



We have everything ready to go, we have a newly built in chat box were you can let us know what you think - we have instant playback functionality depending the device you are using which will be available up to a week after the stream has finished, with all sets being uploaded thereafter - as mentioned before, we also offer better image and sound quality than the traditional social media platforms as our feed isn't compressed for third party applications - Our website can be accessed by any smart device, allowing you to have a full HD stream beamed into sitting room from your smart TV or Android device!

We had a very successful soft launch alongside The Sound House and we also ironed out some kinks after a month of live streams in Bow Lane Social Club so we are delighted to be to offer this option alongside your favorite platforms to make our live streams even more accessible while also increasing the quality of the stream!

Our aim is to create a premier streaming service for all our events, with all our events being captured for future upload and live streamed on the night! This service will become as staple of illicit events and will continue even when clubs reopen to the public!

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