Cerillo was a busy man this past weekend as he joined local rising talent and our good friend Andrew Azara for another memorable night in the capital! 

The duo were the main attraction as LUDUS continue to out do themselves in one of the most interesting clubs in Dublin, OPIUM! A space catering for all your needs, 

be it amazing food, a relaxing cocktail in the bar or lounge or dance the night away with the likes of Cerillo and Andrew Azara, making Opium one of the best nights out for whatever your mood may be!

With Cerillo and Andrew Azara sharing the reigns for the entirity of the night, this gave Cerillo the perfect opportunity to showcase his latest'I Get Deep Edit' to a willing crowd!

There is plenty on the horizon for this man, most notibaly his very own label which is on the brink of launching which we are sure he can't wait to share with you, On top of that we envisage a huge year for him with his solo projects and releases which we will keep you right up to date with right across the illicit socials!
But for now we'll keep you guessing and hope you take the time to give him a follow to stay right up to date!


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