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  • 1 to 1 lessons in a private studio with industry standard equipment

  • Six Lessons, 2 hours each

  • Guaranteed gig at the end of the course

Module 1:
Introduction to DJ Equipment and Software
Overview of DJ controllers, CDJs, and software like Serato or Traktor.
Hands-on practice with basic equipment
functions and setup.

Module 2:

Basic Music Theory for DJs
Understanding musical elements: beats, bars, tempo, and phrasing.
Practical exercises in counting beats and identifying musical structures.

Module 3:

Beatmatching and Mixing Techniques
In-depth training on beatmatching by ear.
ssive exercises to master seamless transitions between tracks.

Module 4:

Introduction to Genres and Styles
Exploration of popular electronic music genres.
Building a foundational knowledge of different styles.

Module 5:

Effects and Performance Techniques
Utilizing effects, hot cues, and loops for dynamic mixes.
Practical application through creative mixing exercises.

Module 6:
Harmonic Mixing
Understanding key mixing and harmonic compatibility.
Practice sessions for harmonic transitions.

Module 7:
Performance and Crowd Interaction

Developing stage presence and engaging the audience.
Tips for reading the crowd and adapting your set accordingly.

Module 8:

Recording and Sharing Mixes
Techniques for recording high-quality mixes.
Platforms for sharing mixes and building an online presence.


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