We are delighted to be finally bringing you full premiere of the highly anticipated album 'Divided Mirrors' from Laughing Man!

After weeks of planning and identifying the perfect evening for recording the premiere, we finally received the evening we craved! It was a perfect summers night, without a single a cloud in the sky which made for a perfect setting for this album. The clear sky a multiple  camera angles captures the changes in colour perfectly as you can see in the gallery below and throughout the recording.



We are so happy Dominic decided to trust us and joined us to create and execute this project!

This project is something we have been planning for a long time and the main factor behind it was being able to bring you something unique and not just a DJ set. Once the opportunity to showcase Dominic's album arose, we knew it was the missing piece that we had been missing!



During this premiere, we dive into Dominic's album as he seamlessly mixes a full play through of a majestic catalogue of tracks, providing the perfect mood for the scenery!

A massive thanks to everyone who made this project possible an we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Be sure to check out the amazing shots captured by the Killian Whyte!