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Dublin's vibrant music scene has been the breeding ground for many talented artists, but few have captured the essence of its diverse musical landscape quite like Kaycee. A multi-genre DJ known for her dynamic sets and magnetic stage presence, Kaycee's journey from her humble beginnings to headlining major festivals in Ireland is nothing short of inspiring.


Kaycee grew up surrounded by music. Her father, a passionate music enthusiast and DJ, played a pivotal role in shaping her musical tastes. "My earliest memories are of my dad spinning records in the house," During the podcast Kaycee recalls the incredible vinyl collection that set her on the path of learning how to DJ!

Under her father's guidance, Kaycee developed an appreciation for various music styles. This eclectic exposure laid the foundation for her unique approach to DJing, where she seamlessly blends genres to create a captivating auditory experience. Kaycee points to the old school way of things being a big influence in her style of a DJ, showing that time after time in her diverse sets!


As Illicit's profile steadily ascended, collaborations with some of Dublin's best venues provided the opportunity to host renowned acts like Late Nite Tuff Guy, Chase & Status, Sidney Charles, Sr. Dubplate, Denham Audio & Kolter, among others.

The journey extended beyond Ireland, with invitations to notable events such as their inaugural birthday party at the prestigious Ministry of Sound, engagements with Haze Records in Sunderland, and appearances at Parklife for some of their residents.

A steadfast core team of residents, some of whom embarked on this journey in October 2015, forms the backbone of Illicit. The brand feels fortunate to collaborate with Dublin's finest talents, creating a genuine family atmosphere at their events.

Illicit's mission is to perpetuate this remarkable journey, building on past successes, and expanding into new territories. The brand envisions further growth, with plans to develop its agency and label, solidifying its position as a key player in the ever-evolving music landscape.

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