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EP : International Wafter


Producer: Adam Pits

Track Focus: 'Motion Sensor'

Label : Coastal Haze

Known for his intricate productions, this is Pits' first release on the 'Coastal Haze' label having already gained support from the likes of Ciel, Batu and Call Super. 'International Wafter' offers up four club weapons, two peak time whompers and two ethereal burners.


I came across Adam Pits through the 'International Wafter' EP on UKs label 'Coastal Haze'. It was hard to pick my favorite track from this EP, but 'Motion Sensor' just hits different. The track offers fast paced rhythms paired with hypnotic synths to take you on a roller coaster of a journey! The track reaches its peak like the tip of a ride at an amusement park when it descends into some UK garage infused madness. Adam Pits is also offering a masterclass over on his Instagram, so I highly advise you head over there to check out more and get a greater insight into his productions and his production process and how he can help you reach your goals.


This lad is one to look out for and as soon as the lock down restrictions are eased on clubs, Sir Pits will be booked.


Rating ; 5/5 Amazing track.

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