LP : Rewind The Days of Youth


Producer: Route 8 ft. Quails 

Track Focus: 'Tomorrow Comes Today'

Label : Lobster Theremin

Budapest producer Route 8’s long-awaiting debut full release almost didn’t happen. The original album was lost when the producer – and the Lobster Theremin crew – had all their belongings stolen in Detroit, whilst on their first tour of the United States a few years ago.

Annoyed, but determined not to let an album concept so close to heart go to waste, Route 8 began re-piecing the record back together. Rewind The Days Of Youth (releasing on Lobster Theremin) is inspired by Szilveszter Horváth’s artist alias, which borrows its name from the highway in Hungary that the producer regularly cruises down to visit his grandmother.

Setting the pace with a slow roll of a kick drum, snare and hi hat. A three chord progression walks us to the elegance of Quails vocal then falls into bleeping percussion while keeping the chords and vocal and the center stage, all the while the hypnotic horns that start to develop throughout the track! I can't put this track into words all I can do is tell you the deep nostalgia trip it sends me on when ever I hear it...

Being a fan of both artists separately beforehand, seeing them come together was an exciting day! I had the privilege of meeting Gergely when he played in the hangar a few years ago.. A real treat. This album speaks for itself and the story behind it makes it all the better!


I've been a fan of Route 8 for a long ass time so when this preview track was released for the album I sky dived on it.. 

Rating ; 5/5 - A must have in anyone's collection!!