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EP : Game Over


Producer: Sansibar

Track Focus: 'Sisi'

Label : Avoidance


I normally try to give a bit of insight into the producer I am focusing on but for whatever reason Sansibar, the Finish maestro doesn't really have much information about himself and his musical journey out there, or I may not be looking hard enough!

With his biography limited to a brief paragraph everywhere I look, I can't really find any fault - 'By manipulating rhythms and frequencies Sansibar turns the intergalactic cosmic rays to a sonic voyage from above to below.'


But that's here nor there as we know you're only after one thing and one thing only and that's to wrap your ears around another gem!




The second release on Antti Salonen's Avoidance label comes from Sansibar who offers a new direction to his already diverse output. Four elegant and colourful tracks gliding through breakbeat, techno and trance!

Sissi, our Track Focus for this EP is a “message to young people” quoted from the first bar in the track, this initial sample is used. right out the gate! Sissi is a dark, squelching, drive straight to a galaxy far far away, hitting hyper speed from the get go. There is literally no let up, it is energy from the start with a eurphoric break that ropes you in until the very end!




Sissi is an ode to mid 90s/late progressive techno/trance. A nostalgia to the sound I was brought up listening to, with the likes of Sasha and John Digweed Global Underground, which can be clearly felt throughout this amazing track!

I could continue rambling on but I think the best thing to do would be to check out 'Sisi' as well as all the other amazing tracks from the EP and judge for yourself!

We've added a brand new comment box below, so let me know your thoughts and any of your recommendations from the past month!



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