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Debut album : A Tale From the Clouds


Track Focus: Nile's Cooper : Starlight

A debut album from Danish maestro Nile's Cooper, which has been in the making for a couple of years now. An amalgamation of all his influences, from Chicago house to Electro to 80’s Japanese ambient and 70’s/80’s electronica, A broad ranging album built around a tale set in space! 


Where do I start with this track? Denmark's own Nile's Cooper has released what I can tell from one track is going to be the an album for the ages. One track which has been pre-released, 'Starlight' is an incredibly emotional voyage through the unknown, Giving you the feeling of discovering a new planet while riding a Ufo through the universe. Subtle pads, rushing electro percussion, hard hitting Chicago infused basslines... My words don't do justice you gotta check this one for yourself. This is not out of the ordinary for our niles to create something with such emotion yet driving vibes but this one hit a little deeper for me! As of yet the album is only digital release... We will see how long that lasts Niles.


Bellaire in action at our Houseum Showcase last year!



Two amazing guys giving us another unbelievable night!


De Sluwe Vos with a master class

early last year!


An amazing night at one of our

biggest events!

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