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Lets get back up to speed..


It’s been a busy year for Cash x Mack with all things considered, the lads kicked off the year by supporting ‘Special Request’ for the ‘Lighthauz’ crew in ‘Project Waterford’, followed by an insane night with Yasmin Gardezi, with all that finally culminating in closing out Wateford’s rag week in ‘Project Waterfrod’


The duo wasted no time with their first release of the year sandwiched in between the end of Waterford’s rag week and the end Carlow’s rag week, as they shared the Foundry Carlow stage with Chantel Kavanagh to top off an amazing string of events to start the year on a high!

The year couldn’t of started any better, armed with new press shots and riding the high off the back of an invite to Reboot’s Good Friday event with Alan Fitzpatrick, things were going from strength to strength before everything came to a stand still, but the less said about that the better!


Moving swiftly on, Cash X Mack have just released their latest creation, premiered via the guys over at Zone Focus, and it’s nothing short of a straight up banger. Starting off with a nice breakbeat melody and a creeping synth lead slowly building the atmosphere along with vocal shots before an almighty bass & kick pattern take the track to the next level.. A very nice mixture of breakbeat sounds with a techno influence bringing plenty of energy with a minimalistic approach. Check it out for yourself below!

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