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Agent: Ryan Hayden


Territory: Worldwide

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From the Northwest town of Bolton, CAL is a selector & music maker of anything house related, his work is actively played by industry heavyweights such as LOCDICE, EATS EVERYTHING, WADE & RAFFA FL.

His CLAUDE VONSTROKE edit helped put cal on the map and was a great success in having been played all over the world.  First picked up by JOSH BUTLER, early support also came from others such as EJECA, PATRICK TOPPING & TRUTH BE TOLD, it was eventually signed to CLAUDE'S DIRTYBIRD'S - BIRDFEED.


To date FLASHMOB RECORDS, DIRTYBIRD, ELROW, CR2 RECORDS, SENSE TRAXX & SIMMA BLACK are some of the labels that have adopted his synthy, melodic & innovative sound - CAL is carving a positive path amongst the underground house community with more to come!

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