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Boiler Sessions was created in March 2019 by Waterford based duo "Cash X Mack". The brand was curated with the main objective of creating a platform to showcase as many of Ireland's up and coming talent. Using this strategy Boiler Sessions didn't take long to make their mark across the Wateford night life! Gathering a large following in the process, with word spreading like wild fire, this created the perfect opportunity for Boiler Sessions to begin introducing top up and coming International talent to their line ups, to show the city what the various talents are made of.


The night quickly snowballed in the right direction by selling out various nights in Project Waterford in quick succession, while still keeping the raw feel to the event. Now in September 2019, the brand is just off the back off it's first collaboration with another major student night from the capital, "Hijinks"! With more collaborations that are yet to be announced in the pipeline!


Boiler Sessions has quickly transformed into one of Ireland's largest student nights by getting recognition across the country. Acts that have played for Boiler Sessions include Mark Blair , Biscits , Ben Hemsley , Dart, Mistrix , Josh Coakley, Digital Wax & Cash X Mack with lots of support sets given to young Irish talents such as Subversive Djs, Snky Sessions djs  , Xero, Eoghan Cahill, Karl & Tees & Obskur.

We are aiming to bring Boiler Sessions to the following locations:

- Dublin - Galway - Cork - Limerick - Sligo - Carlow - Athlone


If you are involved in any clubs / venues around these areas, and think this is something you would like to see come to your town / city, please feel free to drop me an email and we can discuss further. Please find below, some videos of the mayhem that occurs during the Boiler Sessions:

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