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From its humble origins in small, intimate basement parties, Illicit has evolved into a prominent force in the music scene, embracing a journey marked by diversity and innovation. The roots of Illicit trace back to the infamous Sweeney's Basement, where weekly gatherings established the foundation for the brand's dynamic events. The Basement was characterized by its fluidity, with music and DJs refusing to adhere to strict norms, fostering a vibrant community that welcomed individuals from all walks of life every Thursday.

The untimely closure of Sweeney's Basement forced Illicit to reassess its direction. The loss of the secure weekly events prompted the team to navigate uncharted waters, leading to significant growth and a departure from their comfort zone. seizing opportunities, including managing smaller rooms in Dublin's major clubs, paved the way for Illicit to curate lineups featuring top international acts across iconic venues such as District 8, Button Factory (Centre Point), Here & Now Club, Wigwam, Opium (Index) & Bow Lane Social Club, and more, over the span of nine years.

As Illicit's profile steadily ascended, collaborations with some of Dublin's best venues provided the opportunity to host renowned acts like Late Nite Tuff Guy, Chase & Status, Sidney Charles, Sr. Dubplate, Denham Audio & Kolter, among others.

The journey extended beyond Ireland, with invitations to notable events such as their inaugural birthday party at the prestigious Ministry of Sound, engagements with Haze Records in Sunderland, and appearances at Parklife for some of their residents.

A steadfast core team of residents, some of whom embarked on this journey in October 2015, forms the backbone of Illicit. The brand feels fortunate to collaborate with Dublin's finest talents, creating a genuine family atmosphere at their events.

Illicit's mission is to perpetuate this remarkable journey, building on past successes, and expanding into new territories. The brand envisions further growth, with plans to develop its agency and label, solidifying its position as a key player in the ever-evolving music landscape.

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